Report reflects Black Type Status for the year 2016 as of 12/31/2016
non-Listed Stakes - Black Type (BT) Status
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R=Other Restrictions
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2016 BT
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Angie C. S. 7/17/201602 fEMD 46.4440.7829.0YY
Anoakia S. 10/23/201602 fSA 60.3357.6129.0YY
Arapahoe Debutante S. 7/30/201602 fARP 41.2241.2229.0NN
Astoria S. 6/9/201602 fBEL 67.2160.1429.0YY
ATBA Fall Sales S. 11/5/201602 fTUPA25.4826.3629.0NN
Barbara Shinpoch S. 8/7/201602 fEMD 39.8234.5929.0YY
Barretts Debutante S. 9/17/201602 fLRCA51.5341.9829.0YY
Bird of Pay S. 9/5/201602 fNP 27.9424.4629.0NN
Blue Mountain Juvenile Fillies S. 11/23/201602 fPENS49.6451.7429.0YY
Bolton Landing S. 8/17/201602 fSAR 54.8049.8129.0YY
California Thoroughbred Breeders' Association S. 7/29/201602 fDMRS38.9746.0829.0YY
Cassidy S. 7/2/201602 fGP 59.5957.3529.0YY
Chelsey Flower S. 10/30/201602 fBEL 63.8459.4729.0YY
City of Anderson S. 9/14/201602 fINDS32.4234.5229.0YY
Colleen S. 8/6/201602 fMTH 52.9351.6729.0YY
CTHS Sales S. 8/26/201602 fHSTA35.8132.6829.0YY
D. S. Shine Young Futurity 7/16/201602 fEVDS44.9539.7129.0YY
Darby's Daughter Division of the Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. Texas Stallion S. 11/5/201602 fRET 42.8240.7529.0YY
E. L. Gaylord Memorial S. 10/14/201602 fRP 46.0646.0729.0YY
East View S. 12/30/201602 fAQUS35.7945.1629.0YY
Eleanor Casey Memorial S. 12/10/201602 fCT S34.3435.7829.0YY
Emerald Necklace S. 10/1/201602 fTDNS29.4124.8229.0NN
Evangeline Downs Starlet (previously John Franks Memorial Sales S.) 8/27/201602 fEVD 43.8033.3129.0NN
Exacta Systems Juvenile Fillies S. 9/3/201602 fKD 56.9752.7429.0YY
Fanfreluche S. 10/23/201602 fWO S39.3345.8329.0YY
Florida Sire Desert Vixen S. 8/6/201602 fGP R51.8848.7329.0YY
Florida Sire My Dear Girl S. 10/1/201602 fGP R58.7753.6729.0YY
Florida Sire Susan's Girl S. 9/3/201602 fGP R49.2349.5629.0YY
Freedom of the City S. 10/22/201602 fNP 32.3730.6329.0NY
Furlough S. 11/24/201602 fAQU 44.0845.9629.0YY
Generous Portion S. 8/27/201602 fDMRS42.1953.4529.0YY
Gin Talking S. 12/31/201602 fLRL 60.1754.0929.0YY
Glacial Princess S. 12/3/201602 fMVRS23.1320.9729.0NN
Golden Gate Debutante S. 11/25/201602 fGG 53.4556.0129.0YY
Golden State Juvenile Fillies S. 11/4/201602 fSA S49.4153.3729.0YY
House Party S. 12/10/201602 fGP 60.0155.3129.0YY
Hut Hut S. 12/10/201602 fGP 37.5044.9329.0YY
Indiana Stallion S. 10/5/201602 fINDS34.2433.4329.0YY
Iowa Sorority S. 8/13/201602 fPRMS45.3039.6929.0YY
John W. Galbreath S. 10/29/201602 fMVRS42.2941.9829.0YY
Joseph A. Gimma S. 10/2/201602 fBELS51.0951.0129.0YY
Juan Gonzalez Memorial S. 7/2/201602 fOTP 47.5044.4129.0YY
Juvenile Filly Sprint S. 11/12/201602 fGPWS54.5752.8429.0YY
Juvenile Filly Turf S. 11/12/201602 fGPWS58.2248.0929.0YY
Key Cents S. 11/25/201602 fAQUS46.0550.9629.0YY
Lady Finger S. 9/10/201602 fFL S36.6441.2129.0YY
LaSenora S. 12/27/201602 fSUNS43.4239.4829.0YY
Letellier Memorial S. 12/17/201602 fFG 61.6654.3929.0YY
Louisiana Champions Day Lassie S. 12/10/201602 fFG S46.3745.5329.0YY
Louisiana Cup Juvenile Fillies S. 8/6/201602 fLADS43.8040.7329.0YY
Louisiana Futurity 12/31/201602 fFG S42.7240.8129.0YY
Louisiana Jewel S. 11/19/201602 fDEDS37.3632.6529.0YY
Lynbrook S. 7/17/201602 fBELS49.2946.9429.0YY
Maid of the Mist S. 10/22/201602 fBELS40.1548.8529.0YY
Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship S. 12/10/201602 fLRLS50.1146.2629.0YY
Maryland Million Lassie S. 10/22/201602 fLRLR46.1447.5029.0YY
Miss Indiana S. 10/29/201602 fINDS33.5739.7329.0YY
Miss Ohio S. 7/23/201602 fTDNS37.1436.0429.0YY
Mrs. Henry D. Paxson Memorial S. 9/18/201602 fPIDS44.8448.4529.0YY
Nandi S. 6/25/201602 fWO R57.5154.4929.0YY
New Mexico Classic Cup Lassie Championship (previously New Mexico Classic Cup Juvenile Fillies S.) 10/30/201602 fZIAS36.6040.7129.0YY
New York Stallion Series S. 12/18/201602 fAQUR39.6142.0229.0YY
Northern Lights Debutante S. 8/21/201602 fCBYS36.7233.9029.0NY
Oklahoma Classics Lassie S. 10/21/201602 fRP S41.5238.9429.0YY
OLG Muskoka S. Presented by Ken and Sarah Ramsey's We Miss Artie 8/31/201602 fWO A57.5752.0229.0YY
Ontario Lassie S. 11/30/201602 fWO S48.2248.8029.0YY
Our Dear Peggy S. 10/1/201602 fGP 58.7655.2329.0YY
Pat Whitworth Illinois Debutante S. 12/3/201602 fHAWS38.5934.1729.0YY
Permian Basin S. 10/10/201602 fZIA 45.5440.4829.0YY
Pike Place Dancer S. 10/29/201602 fGG 50.63*58.9529.0YY
Prairie Gold Lassie S. 7/28/201602 fPRM 37.0745.0929.0YY
Princess Elizabeth S. 11/12/201602 fWO S54.4155.7129.0YY
Princess Margaret S. 7/16/201602 fNP 34.2831.5129.0YY
Rachel's Turn S. 9/17/201602 fCT S36.7835.7629.0YY
Rags to Riches S. 10/30/201602 fCD 59.3658.8629.0YY
Rio Grande Senorita Thoroughbred Futurity 9/4/201602 fRUIS40.2940.5429.0YY
Sadie Diamond Futurity S. 9/18/201602 fHSTR40.7340.0229.0YY
Sandpiper S. 12/3/201602 fTAM 49.0247.0229.0YY
Seeking the Ante S. 8/26/201602 fSARS40.9142.4229.0YY
Selima S. 9/10/201602 fLRL 57.9058.7829.0YY
Shady Well S. 8/13/201602 fWO R53.5953.5929.0YY
Shesastonecoldfox S. 10/24/201602 fFL S30.5138.6129.0YY
Slide Show S. 11/18/201602 fRP S3.3218.6929.0YN
Smart Halo S. 11/19/201602 fLRL 53.7651.5229.0YY
South Ocean S. 10/1/201602 fWO R48.1247.1729.0YY
Soviet Problem S. 12/17/201602 fLRCS47.1743.0629.0YY
Sturgeon River S. 9/17/201602 fNP S28.0824.8629.0NN
Tah Dah S. 8/27/201602 fBTPS52.0244.9829.0YY
Texas Thoroughbred Futurity 7/9/201602 fLS A55.5051.9529.0YY
Trapeze S. 12/11/201602 fRP 55.3753.7629.0YY
Two Year Old Filly Sales S. 8/1/201602 fNP R32.6128.0529.0NN
Victorian Queen S. 10/30/201602 fWO R48.0651.7929.0YY
Wait a While S. 12/10/201602 fGP 42.29*56.2629.0YY
Washington Cup 2yo Filly S. (previously Northwest Farms S.) 8/28/201602 fEMDS29.9233.8829.0YY
West Virginia Triple Crown Nutrition Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/201602 fCT S31.7929.7929.0YY
White Clay Creek S. 8/3/201602 fDEL 47.4246.4429.0YY
Wine Country Debutante S. 8/14/201602 fSR 48.4350.9029.0YY
Alberta Premier's Futurity Sponsored by Horse Racing Alberta 9/17/201602 mNP S38.0130.6435.0NN
Armed Forces S. 10/1/201602 mGP 49.3848.1435.0YY
Aspirant S. 9/10/201602 mFL S58.9853.1035.0YY
ATBA Fall Sales S. 11/5/201602 mTUPA38.2143.4135.0YY
ATBA Spring Sales S. 5/8/201602 mTUPR30.6536.5635.0YY
Awad S. 10/29/201602 mBEL 56.5858.6035.0YY
Barretts Juvenile S. 9/18/201602 mLRCA63.4658.4135.0YY
Bertram F. Bongard S. 10/2/201602 mBELS60.4861.8635.0YY
Birdcatcher S. 9/5/201602 mNP 33.7235.0135.0YY
Birdonthewire S. 7/2/201602 mGP 59.8656.7735.0YY
Buffalo Man S. 12/10/201602 mGP 63.2965.0935.0YY
Bull Page S. 10/10/201602 mWO S48.2654.2335.0YY
Calumet Juvenile (previously Kentucky Downs Juvenile) 9/3/201602 mKD 57.3454.9335.0YY
Canadian Juvenile S. 10/22/201602 mNP 31.3735.7135.0YY
Cavonnier Juvenile S. 8/14/201602 mSR 53.8251.3235.0YY
Clarendon S. 11/5/201602 mWO S61.0157.7735.0YY
Cleveland Kindergarten S. 8/6/201602 mTDNS50.3743.2835.0YY
Copper Top Futurity 5/3/201602 mSUNS40.4935.7435.0YY
Coronation Futurity 11/13/201602 mWO R54.2858.1035.0YY
Crown Ambassador S. 10/5/201602 mINDS41.4542.5335.0YY
CTHS Sales S. 8/26/201602 mHSTA36.5437.2235.0YY
Cup and Saucer S. 10/22/201602 mWO S58.7959.0635.0YY
D. S. Shine Young Futurity 7/16/201602 mEVDS46.0448.9335.0YY
Damon Runyon S. 12/29/201602 mAQUS47.5851.1935.0YY
Don C. McNeill S. 11/18/201602 mRP S44.6845.9135.0YY
Eddy County S. (previously New Mexico Eddy County S.) 11/23/201602 mZIAS38.9140.1535.0NY
Edmonton Juvenile S. 7/16/201602 mNP 45.5733.4635.0NN
El Joven S. 10/15/201602 mRET 47.5344.9335.0YY
Ellis Park Juvenile S. 8/6/201602 mELP 59.8959.8935.0YY
Emerald Express S. 7/17/201602 mEMD 45.4644.6235.0YY
Evangeline Downs Star (previously John Franks Memorial Sales S.) 8/27/201602 mEVD 41.7340.4935.0YY
Everett Nevin S. 7/3/201602 mOTPS51.0851.0935.0YY
Fitz Dixon, Jr. Memorial Juvenile S. 10/6/201602 mPID 59.1358.6935.0YY
Florida Sire Affirmed S. 9/3/201602 mGP R54.0557.8735.0YY
Florida Sire Dr. Fager S. 8/6/201602 mGP R71.7460.3535.0YY
Florida Sire In Reality S. 10/1/201602 mGP R57.7858.1335.0YY
Frost King S. 6/26/201602 mWO R44.0852.6635.0YY
Funny Cide S. 8/26/201602 mSARS54.1862.6135.0YY
Gold Rush Futurity 8/14/201602 mARP 44.4942.7935.0YY
Gold Rush S. 12/3/201602 mGG 53.3351.8235.0YY
Golden Nugget S. 11/12/201602 mGG 56.0354.6735.0YY
Golden State Juvenile S. 11/5/201602 mSA S61.4763.5335.0YY
Gottstein Futurity 9/11/201602 mEMD 40.0343.3235.0YY
Governor's Cup S. 10/10/201602 mZIA 44.2046.3235.0YY
Graduation S. 8/3/201602 mDMRS60.0357.5335.0YY
Henry Mercer Memorial S. 9/17/201602 mCT S29.8435.9835.0YY
Hillsdale S. 9/14/201602 mINDS50.0243.2635.0YY
Hoover S. 7/9/201602 mBTPS51.5343.4235.0YY
I'm Smokin S. 9/2/201602 mDMRS60.8758.4735.0YY
Inaugural S. 12/3/201602 mTAM 50.8852.9035.0YY
Indiana Futurity 10/29/201602 mINDS49.6248.6535.0YY
Iowa Cradle S. 8/13/201602 mPRMS41.6445.5535.0YY
Iowa Stallion Futurity 7/8/201602 mPRMR37.8540.3435.0YY
Jack Diamond Futurity S. 9/18/201602 mHSTR45.4742.4835.0YY
James F. Lewis III S. 11/19/201602 mLRL 66.1967.3235.0YY
Jamestown S. 9/24/201602 mLRLS45.0744.2935.0YY
Jim Edgar Illinois Futurity 12/10/201602 mHAWS37.5247.2935.0YY
Joshua Radosevich Memorial S. 12/17/201602 mMVRS39.5337.1035.0NY
Juvenile S. 10/29/201602 mMVRS49.5540.9535.0YY
Juvenile Sprint S. 11/12/201602 mGPWS58.9960.1435.0YY
Juvenile Turf S. 11/12/201602 mGPWS51.3855.2535.0YY
Kentucky Juvenile S. 5/5/201602 mCD 64.0164.0135.0YY
King Glorious S. 12/18/201602 mLRCS62.8960.0035.0YY
Kingarvie S. 9/25/201602 mWO R50.1154.3035.0YY
King's Swan S. 12/2/201602 mAQU 57.4953.2935.0YY
Laurel Futurity 9/10/201602 mLRL 54.6357.8435.0YY
Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile S. 12/10/201602 mFG S57.5753.9735.0YY
Louisiana Cup Juvenile S. 8/6/201602 mLADS49.2251.2635.0YY
Louisiana Futurity 12/31/201602 mFG S50.6249.2235.0YY
Louisiana Legacy S. 11/19/201602 mDEDS52.4947.8535.0YY
Loyalty S. 9/10/201602 mBTPS10.2022.8735.0NN
Manzano S. 8/13/201602 mALB 36.5438.0835.0YY
Mark McDermott S. 9/4/201602 mPIDS49.2646.4835.0YY
Maryland Juvenile Futurity 12/10/201602 mLRLS58.8252.4335.0YY
Maryland Million Nursery S. 10/22/201602 mLRLR57.2052.4635.0YY
Marylander S. 12/31/201602 mLRL 61.0858.8735.0YY
Mountain Top New Mexico Bred Thoroughbred Futurity 7/31/201602 mRUIS46.5344.3435.0YY
My Dandy Division of the Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. Texas Stallion S. 11/5/201602 mRET 43.1955.6535.0YY
New Mexico Classic Cup Juvenile Championship (previously New Mexico Classic Cup Juvenile for Colts and Geldings) 10/30/201602 mZIAS45.3637.5635.0YY
New Mexico State Fair Thoroughbred Futurity 9/25/201602 mALBS29.2435.0135.0YB
New York Breeders' Futurity 10/1/201602 mFL S58.1655.3035.0YY
New York Stallion Series S. 12/17/201602 mAQUR69.7857.1635.0YY
Norman Hall S. 11/25/201602 mFL S18.4825.9235.0NN
Northern Lights Futurity 8/21/201602 mCBYS44.3237.2135.0NY
Notebook S. 11/19/201602 mAQUS65.3258.0535.0YY
Oak Tree Juvenile S. 10/1/201602 mOTP 54.0154.0135.0NN
Oklahoma Classics Juvenile S. 10/21/201602 mRP S40.3546.7235.0YY
OLG Simcoe S. Presented by Samuel, Son and Co. Limited 8/31/201602 mWO A49.4554.1135.0YY
Pennsylvania Nursery S. 12/3/201602 mPRXS42.0254.8135.0YY
Prairie Gold Juvenile S. 7/29/201602 mPRM 44.4248.4535.0YY
Pulpit S. 12/10/201602 mGP 55.13*60.7335.0YY
Rio Grande Senor Thoroughbred Futurity 9/5/201602 mRUIS44.8844.7335.0YY
Rockville Centre S. 7/16/201602 mBELS47.0947.2235.0YY
Shakopee Juvenile S. 9/17/201602 mCBY 56.3250.7835.0YY
Silver Cup Futurity 7/30/201602 mARP 16.5416.5435.0NN
Skidmore S. (previously Schenectady S.) 8/19/201602 mSAR 52.9652.7735.0YY
Sleepy Hollow S. 10/22/201602 mBELS57.3564.6435.0YY
Smooth Air S. 12/10/201602 mGP 59.3460.4835.0YY
Speakeasy S. 10/16/201602 mSA 59.6660.2735.0YY
Street Sense S. 10/30/201602 mCD 65.5361.4535.0YY
Strike Your Colors S. 8/4/201602 mDEL 57.3254.4535.0YY
Sugar Bowl S. 12/17/201602 mFG 60.8759.5335.0YY
Sunday Silence S. 9/10/201602 mLAD 48.0947.4935.0YY
Texas Thoroughbred Futurity 7/9/201602 mLS A43.3553.7335.0YY
Tri-State Futurity 10/29/201602 mCT 32.5035.7435.0YY
Two Year Old Sales S. 8/1/201602 mNP R28.3524.5835.0NN
Tyro S. 8/7/201602 mMTH 44.9554.4135.0YY
Vandal S. 8/14/201602 mWO R56.8156.8135.0YY
W.T.B.O.A. Lads S. 8/7/201602 mEMD 57.3151.2335.0YY
Washington Cup 2yo Colts & Geldings S. (previously Captain Condo S.) 8/28/201602 mEMDS42.7845.4335.0YY
West Virginia Futurity 11/19/201602 mCT S31.4132.6135.0YN
West Virginia Vincent Moscarelli Memorial Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/201602 mCT S44.1143.8535.0YY
Acadiana S. 6/3/201603 fEVDS60.4953.1445.3YY
Alberta Oaks Sponsored by True North Holding Inc. 9/17/201603 fNP S43.1137.2945.3NN
Allen Black Cat LaCombe Memorial Overnight S. 3/5/201603 fFG 57.7862.4145.3YY
Alywow S. 6/12/201603 fWO 62.8061.6045.3YY
Austintown Filly Sprint S. 4/16/201603 fMVR 67.8462.1645.3YY
Azalea S. 3/4/201603 fDEDS51.7551.9245.3YY
Bara Lass S. 1/22/201603 fHOUS41.8647.6945.3YY
Betsy Ross S. 7/4/201603 fGP 61.3861.3845.3YY
Beverly J. Lewis S. 9/11/201603 fLRC 63.6962.1045.3YY
Bison City S. 7/10/201603 fWO S66.9964.1345.3YY
Bob Bryant S. 6/3/201603 fPRMS57.5150.7445.3YY
Bouwerie S. 5/30/201603 fBELS68.8067.9345.3YY
British Columbia Cup Dogwood H. 8/1/201603 fHSTS51.8254.7345.3YY
Busanda S. 1/31/201603 fAQU 56.7457.6145.3YY
Caesar's Wish S. 3/12/201603 fLRL 63.6159.1645.3YY
Cajun Miss S. 4/8/201603 fEVD 54.0854.0845.3YY
California Cup Oaks (previously California Breeders Champion S.) 1/30/201603 fSA S60.5862.2145.3YY
California Oaks 2/6/201603 fGG 69.0362.7645.3YY
Campanile S. 5/1/201603 fGG S59.2257.5745.3YY
Carotene S. 10/23/201603 fWO S60.0162.3245.3YY
Cellars Shiraz S. 11/5/201603 fGPW 65.1964.4045.3YY
Chariot Chaser H. 5/28/201603 fNP 53.5949.7145.3YY
Christiana S. 7/6/201603 fDEL 66.2663.6145.3YY
Christiecat S. 9/9/201603 fBEL 67.6767.6745.3YY
Christmas Past S. 6/11/201603 fGP 59.4059.4045.3YY
Cicada S. 3/26/201603 fAQU 68.3863.2045.3YY
Cincinnatian S. 7/10/201603 fBTPS37.6030.4945.3NN
Cinema H. 5/7/201603 fWRDS36.1336.1345.3NN
Crank It Up S. 6/4/201603 fMTH 59.7760.7245.3YY
Crescent City Oaks 3/26/201603 fFG S55.1553.1645.3YY
CTHS Sales S. 10/1/201603 fHSTA33.8041.0845.3NN
Drumtop S. 8/6/201603 fSUF 65.8065.8045.3YY
Dueling Grounds Oaks 9/11/201603 fKD 66.5465.9245.3YY
El Paso Times S. 5/3/201603 fSUN 37.7846.5545.3YY
Elge Rasberry S. 9/24/201603 fLADA49.1951.7645.3YY
Ellen's Lucky Star S. 7/13/201603 fINDS44.5746.1045.3YY
Emerald Downs H. 6/12/201603 fHST 47.0947.4745.3YY
Enchantress S. 4/13/201603 fSUNS35.5735.5745.3YN
Equine Sales Oaks 5/6/201603 fEVDA46.5746.5745.3YY
Eternal Search S. 7/27/201603 fWO R52.9961.8945.3YY
Evening Jewel S. 4/9/201603 fSA S62.2060.6045.3YY
First Lady S. 11/26/201603 fMVRS55.3651.8745.3YY
Fleet Indian S. 8/26/201603 fSARS67.1462.0145.3YY
Fleet Treat S. 7/22/201603 fDMRS70.1164.6945.3YY
Florida Sire Jewel Princess S. 9/3/201603 fGP R58.3958.3945.3YY
Florida Sire Meadow Star S. 10/1/201603 fGP R64.7065.4845.3YY
Florida Sire Three Ring S. 8/6/201603 fGP R63.9663.8845.3YY
Frances Genter S. 7/4/201603 fCBYS53.4844.9245.3NN
Franklin Square S. 2/20/201603 fAQUS53.6956.3245.3YY
Fury S. 5/22/201603 fWO S62.0165.8545.3YY
Gasparilla S. 1/23/201603 fTAM 59.8759.7545.3YY
Goldfinch S. 4/30/201603 fPRM 60.7259.9345.3YY
Hilltop S. 5/20/201603 fPIM 68.6669.6645.3YY
Honey Ryder S. 5/7/201603 fGP 62.9661.2045.3YY
Hong Kong Jockey Club H. 8/22/201603 fHST 45.7649.6245.3YY
Hoosier Breeders Sophomore S. 6/22/201603 fINDS22.1148.1645.3YY
Indiana First Lady S. 8/3/201603 fINDS54.3258.8645.3YY
Iowa Breeders' Oaks 8/13/201603 fPRMS56.6748.8145.3YY
Iowa Stallion Filly S. 7/15/201603 fPRMR46.1845.6545.3NY
Irish Day S. 5/29/201603 fEMD 56.6555.1845.3YY
Island Fashion Overnight S. 2/26/201603 fSUN 35.8844.1645.3YN
ITOBA Stallion Season Fillies Linda Swingley Memorial S. 6/11/201603 fINDA39.8830.2345.3NN
Its Binn Too Long S. 4/23/201603 fCT S41.2744.0845.3NN
Jammed Lovely S. 9/4/201603 fWO S55.2159.7745.3YY
Joseph E. Spanky Broussard Overnight S. 2/5/201603 fFG 52.7952.7945.3NN
Kent S. 6/26/201603 fEMD 55.3357.6245.3YY
LA Bred Premier Night Starlet S. 2/6/201603 fDEDS55.8753.7245.3YY
La Prevoyante S. 8/28/201603 fWO R61.8261.1645.3YY
Lady Angela S. 5/1/201603 fWO R64.2262.4045.3YY
Louise Kimball S. 8/6/201603 fSUFS26.1426.1445.3NN
Louisiana Legends Soiree S. 7/2/201603 fEVDS63.4364.2945.3YY
Maddie May S. 1/31/201603 fAQUS51.3151.3145.3YY
Malvern Rose S. 8/7/201603 fPIDS57.6360.4545.3YY
Margate H. 2/21/201603 fGP 63.4863.4845.3NN
Margate S. 12/26/201603 fGP R57.0257.0245.3NN
Marshua S. 1/16/201603 fLRL 54.3760.1845.3YY
Melair S. 5/28/201603 fSA S67.5262.9445.3YY
Melody of Colors S. 2/20/201603 fGP 46.2146.2145.3YY
Memories Of Silver S. 4/24/201603 fAQU 62.5764.2345.3YY
Minnesota Oaks 7/30/201603 fCBYS42.0440.3145.3NN
Miss Woodford S. 7/17/201603 fMTH 69.4064.3545.3YY
New Mexico Breeders' Oaks 3/20/201603 fSUNS22.0536.2945.3YN
New Mexico Classic Cup Oaks Championship (previously New Mexico Classic Cup Championship Fillies) 10/30/201603 fZIAS55.0948.3145.3YY
New Start S. (previously Wonders Delight S.) 6/11/201603 fPENS61.7765.4145.3YY
New York Oaks 7/23/201603 fFL S53.5955.1545.3YY
New York Stallion S. 6/26/201603 fBELR60.5059.0745.3YY
New York Stallion S. 4/23/201603 fAQUR60.2759.7745.3YY
New York Stallion Series S. 8/11/201603 fSARR58.1261.5045.3YY
Niagara S. 6/20/201603 fFL S62.0955.2745.3YY
Norm Barron Queen City Oaks S. 7/24/201603 fBTPS56.7948.4545.3YY
Northbound Pride Oaks 6/11/201603 fCBY 55.7461.5445.3YY
Northlands Oaks H. 7/16/201603 fNP 50.3244.4345.3NN
OBS Championship S. 1/26/201603 fOTCA57.8755.4345.3YY
OBS Sprint S. 1/26/201603 fOTCA51.5455.8445.3YY
Oklahoma Stallion Fillies S. 9/16/201603 fRP S58.3542.7445.3YY
Ontario Damsel S. 7/16/201603 fWO R61.6963.5245.3YY
Our Mims S. 6/8/201603 fDEL 67.4867.1745.3YY
Pago Hop S. 12/31/201603 fFG 69.9667.6345.3YY
Panthers S. 6/9/201603 fPRM 63.0660.1045.3YY
Parx Oaks 5/7/201603 fPRX 61.9163.2745.3YY
Passing Mood S. 7/2/201603 fWO R56.7158.6045.3YY
Petticoat S. 7/2/201603 fALB 42.0944.0645.3NN
Pleasanton Oaks (previously Oaks) 6/18/201603 fOTP 61.0458.4245.3YY
Plum Pretty S. 3/20/201603 fSUN 55.3055.3045.3YY
Princess of Sylmar S. 9/3/201603 fPRX 66.7866.7845.3YY
Purple Violet S. 6/4/201603 fAP S52.1154.8045.3YY
R. K. (Red) Smith H. 6/18/201603 fNP 51.5847.1245.3NY
Rainbow Miss S. 4/2/201603 fOP S58.9052.9945.3YY
Ross McLeod S. 5/8/201603 fHST 57.2852.8845.3YY
Royal Palm S. 6/4/201603 fGP 65.0565.4245.3YY
Ruling Angel S. 10/15/201603 fWO 63.7264.7445.3YY
Safely Kept S. 11/19/201603 fLRL 69.7368.7345.3YY
Sandy Blue H. 7/17/201603 fDMR 70.9370.2945.3YY
Sanibel Island H. 3/26/201603 fGP 66.2165.4345.3YY
Seattle S. 5/8/201603 fEMD 53.9157.7245.3YY
Sierra Starlet H. 7/31/201603 fRUIS46.2545.5045.3NY
Soaring Softly S. 5/21/201603 fBEL 68.1968.1945.3YY
Sonoma H. 8/20/201603 fNP 53.5446.4345.3NY
Southern Park S. 3/26/201603 fMVRS47.8548.1145.3NY
Stonehedge Farm South Sophomore Fillies S. 4/9/201603 fTAMS52.2759.2445.3YY
Suncoast S. 2/13/201603 fTAM 62.0256.5645.3YY
Supernaturel H. 7/1/201603 fHST 53.3553.4945.3YY
Surfside S. 4/24/201603 fLRC 66.1666.1645.3YY
Swiftly Sired Fillies S. 5/25/201603 fINDS50.8348.3945.3NY
Sylvia Bishop Memorial S. 8/27/201603 fCT S53.6546.2945.3YY
Take Charge Brandi (previously By The LIght S.) 1/8/201603 fDED 51.0051.3745.3YY
TaWee S. 7/20/201603 fIND 59.9763.4945.3YY
Texas Stallion S. 5/15/201603 fLS R54.4252.2245.3YY
Tomboy S. 5/22/201603 fBTPS53.1041.8645.3NN
Tropical Park Oaks 12/31/201603 fGP 72.4370.2845.3YY
Two Altazano S. 2/20/201603 fHOUR44.1751.1545.3YY
Unzip Me S. 10/1/201603 fSA 71.3173.4945.3YY
Useeit S. 12/11/201603 fRP S61.2653.3045.3YY
Washington Cup 3yo Filly S. (previously Comcast SportsNet S.) 8/28/201603 fEMDS56.1254.0245.3YY
Washington Oaks S. 7/24/201603 fEMD 58.4158.9545.3YY
Weber City Miss S. 4/9/201603 fLRL 55.0455.0445.3YY
West Virginia Division of Tourism Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/201603 fCT S45.6446.6845.3YY
Wild Applause S. 6/19/201603 fBEL 67.8366.0145.3YY
Wine Country S. 7/30/201603 fSR 54.2458.1545.3YY
Winter Memories S. 11/25/201603 fAQU 76.0876.0845.3YY
Wonder Where S. 8/7/201603 fWO S62.5264.6545.3YY
Woodbine Oaks Presented by Budweiser 6/12/201603 fWO S67.5269.4645.3YY
Zia Park Oaks 11/23/201603 fZIA 69.5867.4345.3YY
A. L. (Red) Erwin S. 9/24/201603 mLADA57.8951.6754.0YY
African Prince S. 7/9/201603 mSUFS38.2534.1554.0NN
Albany S. 8/26/201603 mSARS72.4272.7954.0YY
Alberta Derby S. 7/31/201603 mGPR 60.2560.2554.0NN
Albuquerque Journal S. (previously Don Juan de Onate) 9/4/201603 mALBS46.5049.6654.0NN
Allied Forces S. 9/11/201603 mBEL 75.6475.6454.0YY
Auburn H. 5/15/201603 mEMD 62.5960.0254.0YY
Bachelor S. 4/15/201603 mOP 71.1271.3654.0YY
Baffle S. 2/21/201603 mSA 60.64*67.6954.0YY
Beaufort S. Sponsored by Peaceful Valley Stable 9/17/201603 mNP S41.0645.5254.0NN
Better Talk Now S. 8/29/201603 mSAR 68.4969.9254.0YY
Big Cypress S. 6/4/201603 mGP 64.5869.4554.0NY
Big Drama S. 1/9/201603 mDED 58.5259.3654.0YY
Black Gold Overnight S. 2/27/201603 mFG 61.5565.1954.0YY
Bold Ruckus S. 6/11/201603 mWO R59.0865.0954.0YY
Breeders' S. 8/21/201603 mWO R71.5468.8154.0YY
British Columbia Cup Stellar's Jay H. 8/1/201603 mHSTS59.3258.7154.0YY
Bruce D. Memorial S. 8/13/201603 mAP 68.9463.6854.0YY
California Chrome S. 4/30/201603 mLRC 79.8079.8054.0YY
California Cup Derby (previously California Breeders Champion S.) 1/30/201603 mSA S60.4264.4854.0YY
Charlie Barley S. 7/3/201603 mWO 73.7568.1054.0YY
Chris Loseth H. 7/1/201603 mHST 57.9055.1654.0YY
Coca-Cola S. 6/5/201603 mEMD 60.3860.0754.0YY
Coin Collector S. 4/23/201603 mCT S51.8150.2054.0NN
Count Lathum H. 7/16/201603 mNP 54.0955.0454.0YY
Crescent City Derby 3/26/201603 mFG S59.9158.7054.0YY
Crowd Pleaser S. 7/23/201603 mPRXS58.4763.4954.0YY
CTHS Sales S. 10/1/201603 mHSTA53.7651.0854.0NN
Curlin S. 7/29/201603 mSAR 79.0374.7154.0YY
Cutler Bay S. 3/26/201603 mGP 68.8963.8354.0NY
Daniel Stearns Cleveland Gold Cup S. 7/4/201603 mTDNS60.7155.8754.0NY
Danzig S. 6/11/201603 mPENS63.3063.8754.0YY
Deputy Minister S. 7/20/201603 mWO R56.7361.5454.0YY
Desert Code S. 5/7/201603 mSA 69.11*67.8754.0YY
Duke City Sprint S. 8/6/201603 mALB 52.9250.5554.0NN
Echo Eddie S. 4/9/201603 mSA S54.9065.7754.0YY
Emerald Downs Derby 7/31/201603 mEMD 61.8061.4854.0YY
English Channel S. 5/7/201603 mGP 66.7268.3154.0YY
English Channel S. 10/23/201603 mBEL 75.5876.2654.0YY
Equine Sales Derby 5/7/201603 mEVDA57.0457.0454.0YY
Exacta Systems Dueling Grounds Derby 9/11/201603 mKD 72.1473.0354.0YY
Federico Tesio S. 4/9/201603 mLRL 74.4072.8254.0YY
Fisher Island H. 4/8/201603 mGP 64.7964.7954.0NN
Florida Sire Foolish Pleasure S. 10/1/201603 mGP R72.0873.2754.0YY
Florida Sire Prized S. 9/3/201603 mGP R73.0773.0754.0YY
Florida Sire Unbridled S. 8/6/201603 mGP R61.8269.0354.0YY
Forty Niner S. 6/18/201603 mGP 66.0363.4754.0YY
Four Rivers/John Deere S. (previously Pepsi Cola S.) 1/10/201603 mSUNS43.9048.7554.0YN
Frank Whiteley, Jr S. 1/16/201603 mLRL 68.6568.4354.0YY
Gander S. 2/6/201603 mAQUS62.5162.5154.0YY
Gazebo S. 3/26/201603 mOP 63.5167.6754.0YY
Gene Fleming Breeders' Derby 4/23/201603 mTUPS42.4444.3754.0NN
Gio Ponti S. 11/24/201603 mAQU 70.9370.9354.0YY
Gold Fever S. 5/6/201603 mBEL 70.3673.6254.0YY
Golden Circle S. 4/29/201603 mPRM 68.4869.7354.0YY
Governor's S. 8/3/201603 mINDS58.2157.5954.0YY
Gray's Lake S. 6/4/201603 mPRMS41.6845.1754.0NN
Green Carpet S. 5/29/201603 mBTPS60.4050.5654.0NN
Groovy S. 1/23/201603 mHOUS55.7261.4654.0YY
Grover Buddy Delp Memorial S. 8/24/201603 mDEL 74.8973.0654.0YY
Hoosier Breeders Sophomore S. 6/22/201603 mINDS55.8559.3554.0YY
Horizon S. 8/14/201603 mBTPS50.3840.2154.0NN
Howard B. Noonan S. 4/16/201603 mMVRS59.6355.0254.0NY
Iowa Breeders' Derby 8/13/201603 mPRMS58.7153.5954.0NN
Iowa Stallion S. 7/16/201603 mPRMR51.6445.7654.0NN
ITOBA Stallion Season Jim Elliott Memorial S. 6/11/201603 mINDA43.0742.5154.0NN
Jim Coleman Province S. 5/8/201603 mHST 43.3752.2854.0YN
Jim Thorpe S. 12/11/201603 mRP S58.1356.3954.0YY
Jimmy Winkfield S. 3/6/201603 mAQU 77.3373.2354.0YY
Jim's Orbit S. 2/20/201603 mHOUR57.3760.5754.0YY
John Kirby S. 9/3/201603 mSUFS36.2639.6054.0NN
Keith Gee Memorial S. 1/31/201603 mFG 50.4550.4554.0NN
Ky Alta H. 6/18/201603 mNP 52.1153.5354.0YN
LA Bred Premier Night Prince S. 2/6/201603 mDEDS63.7264.4754.0YY
Lafayette S. (previously Ragin Cajun S.) 6/4/201603 mEVDS66.5261.3554.0YY
Lamplighter S. 7/23/201603 mMTH 66.9166.7954.0NY
LARC Sir Barton S. 5/21/201603 mPIM 79.0878.2654.0YY
Let It Ride S. 11/12/201603 mDMRR71.9872.9154.0YY
Lost In The Fog S. 1/1/201603 mAQU 68.1068.1054.0YY
Louisiana Legends Cheval S. 7/2/201603 mEVDS54.4457.8754.0YY
Manila S. 7/4/201603 mBEL 73.7469.6254.0YY
Mike Lee S. 5/30/201603 mBELS64.5769.7954.0YY
Mine That Bird Overnight S. 2/26/201603 mSUN 50.5658.0954.0YY
Minnesota Derby 7/30/201603 mCBYS46.5545.2654.0NN
Miracle Wood S. 2/15/201603 mLRL 70.7571.6254.0YY
MTA Stallion Auction S. 9/5/201603 mCBYR51.5851.5854.0NN
New Mexico Breeders' Derby 3/20/201603 mSUNS45.5444.3554.0NN
New Mexico Classic Cup Derby Championship (previously New Mexico Classic Cup Championship Colts and Geldings) 10/30/201603 mZIAS54.9756.1754.0YY
New York Derby 7/23/201603 mFL S74.2170.6554.0YY
New York Stallion S. 4/24/201603 mAQUR66.6166.7854.0YY
New York Stallion S. 6/26/201603 mBELR58.5058.6654.0YY
New York Stallion Series S. 8/8/201603 mSARR61.5158.3254.0YY
OBS Championship S. 1/26/201603 mOTCA61.2961.9054.0YY
OBS Sprint S. 1/26/201603 mOTCA61.1762.2754.0YY
Ocala Breeders' Sales Sophomore S. 4/9/201603 mTAMS71.4166.7354.0YY
Oceanside S. 7/15/201603 mDMRR73.2973.0454.0YY
Oklahoma Stallion S. 9/16/201603 mRP S58.8658.8654.0YY
Ontario County S. 6/27/201603 mFL S73.2663.8654.0YY
Paradise Creek S. 5/28/201603 mBEL 65.5664.2154.0YY
Parx Derby 5/7/201603 mPRX 67.5867.7954.0YY
Pasadena S. 3/13/201603 mSA 68.9070.5854.0YY
Pasco S. 1/23/201603 mTAM 69.5367.7254.0YY
Pelican S. 3/5/201603 mDEDS48.4854.1454.0YY
Plate Trial S. 6/12/201603 mWO S67.2668.3654.0YY
Prairie Mile S. 6/10/201603 mPRM 56.6867.2654.0YY
Prince of Wales S. 7/26/201603 mFE R63.7069.8754.0YY
Private Terms S. 3/12/201603 mLRL 62.7570.0954.0YY
Queen's Plate S. 7/3/201603 mWO R71.0372.3554.0YY
Queenston S. 5/21/201603 mWO S65.4164.4154.0YY
Ragin Cajun S. 4/9/201603 mEVD 59.7759.7754.0NN
Rainbow S. 4/3/201603 mOP S53.8956.2454.0NN
Rainbow S. 6/18/201603 mSA 74.2774.2754.0YY
Real Good Deal S. 7/27/201603 mDMRS71.7472.4054.0YY
Red Hedeman Overnight S. 3/1/201603 mSUNS49.5343.8954.0NN
Riley Allison S. 5/3/201603 mSUN 57.9158.2554.0YY
River Rock Casino H. 6/5/201603 mHST 54.0751.4554.0NN
Road Runner H. 7/31/201603 mRUIS53.3455.9854.0YY
Robert Dupret Derby 8/6/201603 mSR 69.3766.6354.0YY
Robert G. Leavitt S. 8/6/201603 mCT S56.9857.5154.0YY
Robert Hilton Memorial S. 4/23/201603 mCT 73.4066.4654.0YY
Rushaway S. 4/2/201603 mTP 70.4670.4654.0YY
Sagamore Sired S. 5/25/201603 mINDS60.7253.1954.0NN
Seattle Slew S. 7/3/201603 mEMD 57.2557.9954.0YY
Select S. 6/12/201603 mMTH 60.5962.2654.0NY
Showing Up S. 11/5/201603 mGPW 69.8470.3054.0YY
Silky Sullivan S. 5/1/201603 mGG S69.2166.8254.0YY
Singletary S. (previously Tsunami Slew S.) 5/14/201603 mSA 69.1571.4254.0YY
Sir Winston Churchill Derby Trial H. 8/22/201603 mHST 57.5762.6354.0YY
Snack S. 7/13/201603 mINDS56.4058.3354.0YY
Snow Chief S. 5/28/201603 mSA S69.8068.7654.0YY
Sophomore Turf S. 4/9/201603 mTAMS63.1060.1954.0YY
Space City S. 1/30/201603 mHOU 56.3553.3454.0YY
Stanton S. 6/22/201603 mDEL 61.7066.8054.0YY
Steel Valley Sprint S. 11/21/201603 mMVR 71.5075.8954.0YY
Sunland Park Festival of Racing S. 3/20/201603 mSUN 71.0371.0354.0YY
Tall Stack S. 5/7/201603 mBTPS61.5250.8554.0NN
Tamarac S. 12/18/201603 mGP R71.5871.5854.0NN
Texas Glitter S. 2/27/201603 mGP 67.1265.2454.0YY
Texas Heritage S. 2/27/201603 mHOU 61.9061.9054.0YY
Texas Stallion S. 5/15/201603 mLS R53.2858.9954.0YY
Tropical Park Derby 12/31/201603 mGP 76.1078.9354.0YY
Turf Paradise Derby 2/20/201603 mTUP 57.0958.0554.0YY
Vice Regent S. 10/2/201603 mWO R56.44*64.0254.0YY
Victor S. Myers S. 7/4/201603 mCBYS53.6945.7254.0NN
Washington Cup 3yo S. (previously Chinook Pass S.) 8/28/201603 mEMDS62.4557.7354.0YY
WEBN S. (previously 96ROCK S.) 2/20/201603 mTP 60.8161.4554.0YY
West Virginia Lottery Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/201603 mCT S59.9357.0954.0YY
Western Canada H. 5/28/201603 mNP 54.4752.0754.0NN
Will Rogers H. 5/7/201603 mWRDS47.0447.0454.0NN
William Walker S. 4/30/201603 mCD 66.7871.5154.0YY
Woodchopper S. 12/31/201603 mFG 64.1067.8154.0YY
Woodhaven S. 4/23/201603 mAQU 68.7066.8054.0YY
Added Elegance S. 8/28/20163U fGP 75.2175.3255.8YY
Albuquerque Distaff H. 7/23/20163U fALB 63.1562.2455.8YY
All Brandy S. 6/25/20163U fPIMS66.3466.8255.8YY
Amelia Island S. 6/4/20163U fGP 73.1370.2655.8YY
American Beauty S. 1/23/20163U fOP 73.3171.2855.8YY
Arboretum II S. 3/18/20163U fSA 73.2473.2455.8YY
Arctic Queen S. 10/3/20163U fFL S59.7165.0355.8YY
Astra S. 1/17/20163U fSA 76.2177.1455.8YY
Ballade S. 6/4/20163U fWO R72.3667.4055.8YY
Barely Even S. 7/3/20163U fGP R67.0467.0455.8YY
Battle of New Orleans S. 12/3/20163U fFG 71.2071.5855.8NY
Bay Ridge S. 12/11/20163U fAQUS73.9169.1155.8YY
Bear Fan S. 12/4/20163U fGG S66.6766.6755.8YY
Bella Notte Minnesota Distaff Sprint Championship S. 8/21/20163U fCBYS55.0763.1255.8YY
Belle Mahone S. 9/5/20163U fWO 67.9968.3455.8YY
Belmont Coronation Invitational S. 6/9/20163U fBEL 75.1375.1355.8YY
Best of Ohio Distaff S. 10/29/20163U fMVRS62.8458.3055.8YY
Betty Grable S. 11/13/20163U fDMRS72.6572.3355.8YY
Big Easy Overnight S. 3/12/20163U fFG 58.2558.2555.8NN
Biogio's Rose S. 2/7/20163U fAQUS67.7267.7255.8YY
Blushing K. D. S. 12/17/20163U fFG 78.0573.7455.8YY
Bob Barry Memorial S. (previously Ladies On the Lawn S.) 9/25/20163U fRP S59.2060.9055.8YY
Bobbie Bricker Memorial H. 12/17/20163U fMVRS24.9138.0355.8NN
Boca Chica S. 6/25/20163U fGP S64.4864.4855.8YY
Boeing S. 7/17/20163U fEMD 62.1666.4255.8YY
Bold Ego H. 1/2/20163U fSUN 61.7563.0455.8YY
Brandywine S. 7/19/20163U fIND 64.0569.3655.8YY
Brighouse Belles S. 4/17/20163U fHST 59.4362.5055.8YY
British Columbia Cup Distaff H. 10/16/20163U fHSTS63.8760.2955.8YY
Broadway S. 2/21/20163U fAQUS74.7874.0655.8YY
Brookmeade S. 9/24/20163U fLRLS58.9663.3255.8YY
C.E.R.F. S. 7/20/20163U fDMRR76.8077.4755.8YY
California Governor's Cup H. 7/23/20163U fSAC 60.5863.0255.8YY
Camilla Urso S. 3/19/20163U fGG 71.6870.4855.8YY
Captiva Island H. 3/12/20163U fGP 78.2673.6655.8YY
Caress S. 7/31/20163U fSAR 68.92*76.2155.8YY
Carlos Salazar S. 8/27/20163U fALBS43.2146.8955.8NN
Chaves County S. 10/3/20163U fZIA 55.9657.1255.8YY
Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs Classic Distaff Sprint S. 4/25/20163U fWRDS52.9758.6755.8YY
Classy 'n Smart S. 9/25/20163U fWO R64.5064.8855.8YY
Conniver S. 1/30/20163U fLRLS63.4761.0755.8YY
Critical Eye S. 5/30/20163U fBELS72.3469.9155.8YY
CTT and TOC H. 8/19/20163U fDMR 76.4473.1855.8YY
Dahlia S. 4/16/20163U fLRL 64.4869.2455.8YY
Daisy Devine S. 2/20/20163U fFG 74.0675.8655.8YY
Daisycutter H. 8/5/20163U fDMR 76.4473.8355.8YY
Dancin Renee S. 7/3/20163U fBELS68.2170.9055.8YY
Dashing Beauty S. 7/9/20163U fDEL 78.5474.1955.8YY
Delta Colleen H. 9/10/20163U fHST 65.6265.3855.8YY
Diana S. 10/8/20163U fTDNS64.7462.5755.8YY
Donna Reed S. 8/13/20163U fPRMS53.8957.7055.8YY
Downthedustyroad Breeders' S. 2/27/20163U fOP S50.5354.2855.8YN
Dr. T.F. Classen Memorial S. 4/30/20163U fTDNS40.7139.5955.8NN
Dr. Teresa Garofalo Memorial S. 9/3/20163U fPRXS52.8459.3755.8YY
Dream of Summer S. 3/27/20163U fSA S67.8867.1355.8YY
Dream Supreme S. 11/25/20163U fCD 77.1174.1055.8YY
Duchess of York H. 10/22/20163U fNP 53.0352.0355.8NN
El Diario Overnight S. 3/1/20163U fSUN 56.9760.8655.8YY
Eldorado S. 1/15/20163U fDEDS67.7264.7255.8NY
Eleven North H. 8/28/20163U fMTHS69.1473.3655.8YY
Ellis Park Turf S. 7/9/20163U fELP 74.7173.3155.8YY
Emerald Distaff H. 8/14/20163U fEMD 62.9365.1655.8YY
Empire Distaff H. 10/22/20163U fBELS71.0971.7755.8YY
Esplanade Overnight S. 3/18/20163U fFG 69.7769.7755.8NN
Fall Classic Distaff H. Sponsored by Highfield 9/17/20163U fNP S44.5242.1855.8NN
Fancy Buckles S. 5/21/20163U fCT S51.4848.7755.8NN
Fasig-Tipton De La Rose S. 8/6/20163U fSARR79.1278.8255.8YY
Fiesta Mile S. 10/29/20163U fRETS56.8860.1255.8YY
First Episode S. 8/7/20163U fSUFS48.3936.6255.8NN
First Lady H. 5/30/20163U fRUI 52.3457.0355.8NN
Flaming Page S. 8/13/20163U fWO 65.89*71.7455.8YY
Flashy Lady S. 9/25/20163U fRP 66.5469.1455.8YY
Florence Henderson S. 9/7/20163U fINDS68.1864.3755.8YY
Florida Distaff (previously Millions Distaff Preview S.) 11/12/20163U fGPWS73.3971.3455.8YY
Foxy J G S. 6/4/20163U fPRXS64.0467.9855.8YY
Frances Slocum S. 10/29/20163U fINDS68.1763.6555.8YY
Fran's Valentine S. 5/28/20163U fSA S71.6967.8155.8YY
Garland of Roses S. 12/10/20163U fAQU 64.1267.4755.8YY
Geisha S. 11/19/20163U fLRL 60.0257.3755.8YY
Glitter Star Minnesota Distaff Classic Championship S. 8/21/20163U fCBYS48.8946.9655.8NN
Golden Poppy S. 5/14/20163U fGG 68.3367.1755.8YY
Hancock County S. 8/6/20163U fMNRS62.9862.9855.8NN
Happy Ticket Overnight S. 11/19/20163U fFG S67.5467.5455.8YY
Harry Henson H. 3/20/20163U fSUN 52.5659.8355.8YY
Hastings S. 5/22/20163U fEMD 62.8562.3655.8YY
Hawkeyes H. 6/17/20163U fPRMS50.1452.2755.8NN
Heavenly Prize Invitational S. (previously Cat Cay S.) 3/5/20163U fAQU 79.7974.8155.8YY
Holiday Inaugural S. 12/3/20163U fTP 67.2364.8855.8YY
Hollywood Gaming Mahoning Distaff S. 11/21/20163U fMVR 64.4869.6155.8YY
Honey Bee S. 6/11/20163U fMTH 69.5471.4955.8YY
Houston Distaff S. 2/13/20163U fHOUS63.3560.7555.8YY
Irish O'Brien S. 3/19/20163U fSA S78.1573.5655.8YY
Iroquois S. 10/22/20163U fBELS64.7571.1255.8YY
Isaac Murphy H. 6/11/20163U fAP S68.8664.3455.8YY
Isadorable S. 7/10/20163U fSUFS42.3338.8755.8NN
J. William Petro Memorial H. 6/25/20163U fTDNS56.8255.6955.8NN
Jack Betta Be Rite S. 8/15/20163U fFL S57.1363.9155.8YY
Jameela S. 8/20/20163U fLRLR64.9366.6755.8YY
Jersey Lilly S. 2/27/20163U fHOU 64.9966.2955.8YY
Jill Jellison Memorial Dash S. 7/9/20163U fSUFR66.5166.5155.8YY
John Hettinger S. 9/25/20163U fBELS76.1571.7755.8YY
John Patrick H. 6/18/20163U fNP 50.0952.1855.8NN
Kathryn Crosby S. 11/11/20163U fDMRR70.8372.2055.8YY
Keertana S. 5/28/20163U fCD 76.7873.7555.8YY
LA Bred Premier Night Distaff S. 2/6/20163U fDEDS64.8364.9855.8YY
LA Bred Premier Night Matron S. 2/6/20163U fDEDS53.6460.9455.8YY
La Coneja S. 3/20/20163U fSUNS50.5253.9355.8YN
Ladies' Turf Sprint S. 2/6/20163U fGP 80.0274.8255.8YY
Lady Canterbury S. 6/19/20163U fCBY 65.6467.0255.8YY
Lady Jacqueline S. 8/27/20163U fTDN 74.5674.5655.8YY
Lady Slipper S. 5/21/20163U fCBYS49.3656.9855.8YY
Lane's End Stallion Scholarship S. 6/18/20163U fLS S66.0862.8255.8YY
License Fee S. 5/1/20163U fBEL 76.4772.3255.8YY
Lincoln H. 7/31/20163U fRUIS51.9948.6455.8NN
Lookout S. (Dec. 19, 2014 running does not receive black type) 12/30/20163U fDEDR55.0657.1155.8YY
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies S. 12/10/20163U fFG S65.2465.9155.8YY
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies Sprint S. 12/10/20163U fFG S71.9563.2655.8YY
Louisiana Cup Distaff S. 8/6/20163U fLADS61.8962.9255.8YY
Louisiana Cup Filly and Mare Sprint S. 8/6/20163U fLADS66.2066.2455.8YY
Louisiana Legends Distaff S. 7/2/20163U fEVDS63.2764.1155.8YY
Louisiana Legends Madamoiselle (previously Louisiana Legends Ladies Sprint) 7/2/20163U fEVDS68.0766.9355.8YY
Luther Burbank H. 7/31/20163U fSR 64.2568.2855.8YY
Lyphard S. 5/28/20163U fPENS61.5863.4855.8YY
Madamoiselle H. 7/16/20163U fNP 47.8746.6555.8NN
Magnolia S. 10/28/20163U fDEDS62.1660.4755.8YY
Mamie Eisenhower S. 5/20/20163U fPRMS55.1156.4955.8YY
Mardi Gras S. 2/9/20163U fFG 69.4371.7455.8YY
Marie G. Krantz Memorial S. 1/16/20163U fFG 70.7272.9155.8YY
Maryland Million Distaff H. 10/22/20163U fLRLR59.7759.5955.8YY
Maryland Million Ladies S. 10/22/20163U fLRLR71.9564.2055.8YY
Maryland Racing Media S. 2/13/20163U fLRL 69.5569.8855.8YY
Merrillville S. 9/14/20163U fINDS62.1962.2555.8YY
Miami Shores H. 2/14/20163U fGP 70.9074.0155.8NY
Michael G. Mackey Memorial Angenora S. 6/4/20163U fTDNS60.0658.9455.8YY
Mike Spellman Memorial H. (previously Lincoln Heritage H.) 6/18/20163U fAP S67.5670.8955.8YY
Minaret S. 2/20/20163U fTAM 67.3766.6555.8YY
Minnesota H. B. P. A. Distaff S. 8/27/20163U fCBY 70.2170.4455.8YY
Miss America S. 12/10/20163U fGG 66.44*69.3755.8YY
Miss Gracie H. 5/8/20163U fGP S63.8263.8255.8YY
Mizdirection S. (previously Great Lady M. S.) 5/21/20163U fSA 74.3473.7355.8YY
Monashee H. 7/1/20163U fHST 54.2258.2355.8YY
Monroe S. 7/31/20163U fGP 66.0966.6255.8YY
Mount Vernon S. 5/30/20163U fBELS74.7372.6855.8YY
Mrs. Penny S. 9/3/20163U fPRXS61.3266.8355.8YY
My Sister Pearl S. 11/12/20163U fCT S62.8561.5355.8YY
Nellie Mae Cox S. 6/25/20163U fPIMS64.1964.1955.8NN
Nellie Morse S. 1/2/20163U fLRL 69.4566.1755.8YY
New Mexico Classic Cup Distaff Sprint Championship S. 10/30/20163U fZIAS43.6249.4155.8NN
New Mexico State Racing Commission H. 12/18/20163U fSUNS62.6354.7255.8NN
New Orleans Ladies Overnight S. 3/26/20163U fFG 70.3670.3655.8NN
New York Stallion Series S. 11/13/20163U fAQUR69.4569.5255.8YY
Northern Fling S. 7/10/20163U fPIDS69.1068.0655.8YY
Oakley S. 9/24/20163U fLRLS57.7857.7455.8YY
Ohio Debutante H. 11/19/20163U fMVRS43.8043.3755.8NN
Oklahoma Classics Distaff S. 10/21/20163U fRP S66.6464.2055.8YY
Oklahoma Classics Distaff Sprint S. 10/21/20163U fRP S58.0557.8955.8YY
Oklahoma Classics Distaff Turf S. 10/21/20163U fRP S61.4164.3455.8YY
OLG Algoma S. Presented by Adena Springs Canada 8/31/20163U fWO A68.8868.0455.8YY
One Dreamer S. 9/10/20163U fKD R75.1874.3855.8YY
Opelousas S. 4/22/20163U fEVD 58.44*66.6555.8YY
Open Mind H. 5/30/20163U fMTHS65.6560.1755.8YY
Open Mind S. 9/17/20163U fCD 75.7271.7255.8YY
Original Gold S. 4/23/20163U fCT S56.0253.3855.8NN
Orleans S. 11/19/20163U fDEDR60.4360.4355.8YY
Osunitas S. 8/7/20163U fDMRR77.5575.0455.8YY
Pan Zareta S. 12/31/20163U fFG 65.8068.4655.8YY
Panama City S. 10/1/20163U fGP 77.0973.1455.8YY
Pay the Man S. 8/27/20163U fTDNS65.4256.1755.8NY
Peppers Pride H. 2/27/20163U fSUNS50.8148.9555.8NN
Peppers Pride New Mexico Classic Championship Fillies and Mares S. 10/30/20163U fZIAS52.6252.1355.8NN
Pink Ribbon S. 9/17/20163U fCT 56.9363.6555.8YY
Pleasant Acres Stallions Distaff Turf S. 4/9/20163U fTAMS73.9571.2055.8YY
Plenty of Grace S. 4/16/20163U fAQU 73.6774.3455.8YY
Plum Pretty S. 10/8/20163U fPRXS64.0468.2555.8YY
Politely S. 10/1/20163U fLRLS66.0866.0855.8YY
Powder Break S. 4/30/20163U fGP 71.5571.9955.8YY
Power by Far S. 7/23/20163U fPRXS69.3765.9655.8YY
Primonetta S. 3/26/20163U fLRL 79.4077.3955.8YY
Princess Elaine S. 7/3/20163U fCBYS59.0561.3555.8YY
Pumpkin Pie S. 10/30/20163U fBEL 71.5371.9355.8YY
Rags to Riches Invitational S. 6/10/20163U fBEL 74.7774.7755.8YY
Rainbow Connection S. 7/26/20163U fFE R49.68*56.3755.8YY
Red Camelia S. 3/12/20163U fFG S57.81*65.3355.8YY
Regret S. 7/30/20163U fMTH 74.2370.0255.8YY
Richmond S. 10/5/20163U fINDS68.9452.7555.8NN
Ricks Memorial S. 9/25/20163U fRP 66.3071.1755.8YY
River Cities S. 9/10/20163U fLAD 57.6663.7055.8YY
River Memories S. 7/10/20163U fBEL 72.4770.8755.8YY
River Memories S. 11/5/20163U fWO 72.9569.7255.8YY
Roxelana S. 6/25/20163U fCD 72.8670.3155.8YY
RPDC Classic Distaff S. 5/16/20163U fWRDS60.1258.3955.8YY
Sadie Hawkins S. 9/17/20163U fCT S60.0660.0855.8YY
San Jacinto S. 1/22/20163U fHOUS64.5063.6555.8YY
Sand Springs S. 2/27/20163U fGP 79.8679.8655.8YY
Saratoga Dew S. 8/15/20163U fSARS72.7767.0555.8YY
Savannah Jane S. 2/11/20163U fGP 78.4178.4155.8NN
Scarlet and Gray H. 9/17/20163U fTDNS66.2260.6055.8YY
Sea Lily S. 6/4/20163U fGP 64.5466.6255.8NY
Shelby County S. 8/24/20163U fINDR49.2852.5455.8NN
She's All In H. 12/11/20163U fRP 67.9866.8555.8YY
Shine Again S. 8/3/20163U fSAR 78.1676.1455.8YY
Shine Again S. 9/10/20163U fLRL 70.3970.3955.8YY
Si Cima Overnight S. 11/20/20163U fFG S62.0462.0455.8NN
Smart N Fancy S. 8/28/20163U fSAR 75.2277.1555.8YY
Soaring Softly S. 8/6/20163U fGP S71.0065.8155.8YY
Solana Beach S. 8/14/20163U fDMRS71.5073.5555.8YY
South Beach S. 12/17/20163U fGP 72.8274.7555.8YY
Spook Express S. 7/2/20163U fGP 74.9573.9455.8YY
Spotted Horse S. 6/3/20163U fEVD 63.0863.0855.8YY
Spring Fever H. 7/4/20163U fSA S71.1169.2255.8YY
Spring Fever S. 2/20/20163U fOP 66.9872.0455.8YY
Steve Pini Memorial S. 9/3/20163U fSUFR72.3672.0955.8YY
Strawberry Morn H. 6/4/20163U fHST 61.6460.3055.8YY
Summer Colony S. 8/22/20163U fSARR71.9471.1155.8YY
Sunshine Millions Distaff S. 1/16/20163U fGP S70.6871.7155.8YY
Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf S. 1/16/20163U fGP S74.4471.9255.8YY
Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf Sprint (previously California Cup Distaff) 10/15/20163U fSA S70.9073.1355.8YY
Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf Sprint S. 1/30/20163U fSA S72.3473.0655.8YY
Sweet Briar Too S. 6/4/20163U fWO 66.3269.5755.8YY
Swingtime S. 10/8/20163U fSA R75.8674.3255.8YY
Tellike S. 6/3/20163U fEVD 61.27*63.4455.8YY
Thirty Eight Go Go S. 12/31/20163U fLRL 76.1973.6655.8YY
Three and Four Year Old Fillies Sales S. 7/1/20163U fNP A51.6047.6955.8NN
Ticonderoga S. 10/22/20163U fBELS55.71*72.0255.8YY
Tiffany Lass S. 12/26/20163U fFG 72.2167.4555.8YY
Tranquility Lake S. (previously Adoration S.) 8/31/20163U fDMRR68.2071.4455.8YY
Unbridled Sidney S. 5/14/20163U fCD 69.5171.1155.8YY
Union Avenue S. 8/18/20163U fSARS73.0871.9855.8YY
Valor Farm S. 7/9/20163U fLS S63.7064.4855.8YY
Vancouver Sun H. 5/7/20163U fHST 61.3658.2255.8YY
Via Borghese S. 12/31/20163U fGP 69.3369.3355.8YY
Victoriana S. 7/30/20163U fWO R65.9865.5155.8YY
Vivacious H. 8/7/20163U fBTPS62.0056.7155.8NN
Washington Cup Filly & Mare S. (previously Pegasus Training Center S.) 8/28/20163U fEMDS50.5758.0855.8YY
Washington State Legislators S. 6/20/20163U fEMD 65.4660.3555.8YY
Wasted Tears S. 9/3/20163U fGP 69.8670.7755.8YY
Wayne Hanks Memorial S. (previously JEH Stallion Station S.) 4/10/20163U fLS S47.5557.9255.8YY
Wayward Lass S. 1/23/20163U fTAM 73.8470.7055.8YY
West Virginia Breeders' Classic Distaff S. 10/8/20163U fCT S58.8856.8755.8NY
West Virginia Cavada Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/20163U fCT S56.8357.4155.8NY
West Virginia Secretary of State S. 8/6/20163U fMNR 68.0468.4555.8YY
West Virginia Senate President's Cup S. 8/6/20163U fMNR 71.2672.6855.8YY
What A Summer S. 1/2/20163U fLRL 69.9871.1155.8YY
Wild Rose H. 5/28/20163U fNP 46.1850.4955.8NN
Willa On the Move S. 12/10/20163U fLRL 68.1171.9055.8YY
Wilma Mankiller Memorial S. 4/4/20163U fWRD 62.8163.3555.8YY
Winter Melody S. 9/14/20163U fDEL 56.4667.5055.8YY
Wintergreen Stakes (previously Likely Exchange S.) 1/2/20163U fTP 69.7471.4955.8YY
Wishing Well S. 1/31/20163U fSA R63.36*73.3255.8YY
Yaddo S. 8/26/20163U fSARS75.6875.2955.8YY
Yellow Rose S. 1/22/20163U fHOUS54.3357.0155.8YY
Zadracarta S. 7/1/20163U fWO S64.9169.5755.8YY
Zia Park Distaff S. 11/23/20163U fZIA 71.2666.7755.8YY
10,000 Lakes S. 5/20/20163U mCBYS58.0858.0963.7NN
A Huevo S. 11/5/20163U mCT S71.5470.3363.7YY
A. J. Foyt S. 9/7/20163U mINDS63.1961.9163.7NN
Achievement S. 6/18/20163U mWO R73.6577.9563.7YY
Addison Cammack H. 6/11/20163U mAP S70.5975.8763.7YY
Affirmed Success S. 4/29/20163U mBELS76.0176.9863.7YY
Albany S. 6/11/20163U mGG 75.6370.6363.7YY
Albert Dominguez Memorial H. 1/16/20163U mSUNS56.7861.8663.7NN
Alberta Breeders' H. Sponsored by White Windows Thoroughbreds 9/17/20163U mNP S62.7361.6063.7NN
Alex M. Robb S. 12/31/20163U mAQUS72.9680.1263.7YY
Alphabet Soup H. 9/24/20163U mPRXS73.1973.6163.7YY
Alydar S. 8/7/20163U mSARR80.2783.7763.7YY
Arkansas Breeders' S. 4/1/20163U mOP S69.2466.3863.7YY
Artie Schiller S. 11/19/20163U mAQU 85.0882.0563.7YY
Ashley T. Cole S. 9/24/20163U mBELS78.5875.8763.7YY
Assault S. 7/9/20163U mLS S73.2469.9363.7YY
Banjo Picker Sprint S. 9/3/20163U mPRXS77.0279.5163.7YY
B-Connected S. 12/31/20163U mDEDR74.4371.0863.7YY
Belmont Turf Sprint Invitational S. 10/8/20163U mBEL 84.8584.8563.7YY
Ben's Cat S. 3/19/20163U mLRLS77.9377.9363.7YY
Bert Allen S. 9/24/20163U mLRLS60.5266.4563.7YY
Bertrando S. 4/16/20163U mLRCS76.8876.8063.7YY
Best of Ohio Endurance S. 10/29/20163U mMVRS65.9864.9263.7YY
Best of Ohio Sprint S. 10/29/20163U mMVRS74.1471.0363.7YY
Bet on Sunshine S. 11/19/20163U mCD 83.9280.5363.7YY
Big Bear S. 11/3/20163U mSA 86.0482.7063.7YY
Bill Thomas Memorial S. 3/20/20163U mSUN 75.5076.6463.7YY
Black Tie Affair H. 6/18/20163U mAP S71.2475.7063.7YY
Blair's Cove S. 7/3/20163U mCBYS62.9061.6163.7NN
Bonapaw S. 12/17/20163U mFG 84.9380.0663.7YY
Bonita S. 6/4/20163U mGP 74.8870.7263.7YY
Brickyard S. 9/14/20163U mINDS66.7169.6163.7YY
British Columbia Cup Classic H. 10/16/20163U mHSTS64.9262.0763.7NN
Brooks Fields S. 8/27/20163U mCBY 76.8175.0463.7YY
Bucharest Turf Sprint S. 2/27/20163U mHOU 74.2366.5063.7YY
Buddy Diliberto Memorial S. 12/17/20163U mFG 78.7377.6363.7YY
Budweiser Overnight S. 2/28/20163U mSUN 73.4170.1463.7YY
Budweiser S. 6/19/20163U mEMD 79.7178.4963.7YY
Bull Dog H. 10/16/20163U mFNO 70.9972.2063.7YY
Bull Gator S. 5/13/20163U mGP S71.5671.5663.7YY
Bunty Lawless S. 10/22/20163U mWO R75.0170.6363.7YY
California Cup Turf Classic S. 1/30/20163U mSA S84.0979.3863.7YY
California Dreamin' S. 7/24/20163U mDMRS77.3477.4763.7YY
California Flag H. 10/22/20163U mSA R80.4677.1763.7YY
Cape Henlopen S. 7/9/20163U mDEL 74.1476.1763.7YY
Cardinal H. 11/19/20163U mMVRS73.7269.7363.7YY
Carl Hanford Memorial S. 7/16/20163U mDEL 80.4380.9363.7YY
Cary Grant S. 11/20/20163U mDMRS77.8579.3363.7YY
Casey Darnell Pony Express S. 9/17/20163U mALBS61.8964.1963.7YY
Catlaunch S. 9/24/20163U mTDNS52.3751.9063.7NN
Challedon S. 10/1/20163U mLRL 80.0880.0863.7YY
Challenger S. 3/12/20163U mTAM 76.2875.4763.7YY
Charles Hesse III H. 8/28/20163U mMTHS71.2770.1963.7YY
Cherokee Nation Classic Cup S. 5/17/20163U mWRDS59.6166.4563.7YY
Clem McSpadden Memorial Route 66 S. 4/5/20163U mWRD 70.7465.2163.7YY
Cliff Guilliams H. 9/5/20163U mELP 72.4672.1063.7YY
Clocker's Corner S. 1/24/20163U mSA R77.5179.4963.7YY
Colonel Power Overnight S. 3/19/20163U mFG 72.91*76.8863.7YY
Commentator S. 5/30/20163U mBELS79.6580.7163.7YY
Confucius Say S. 4/23/20163U mCT S64.5866.5563.7YY
Costa Rising S. (previously Bayou St. John S.) 3/26/20163U mFG S69.3272.1663.7YY
Cotton Fitzsimmons Mile H. 1/16/20163U mTUP 79.4876.0663.7YY
Crocrock Minnesota Sprint Championship S. 8/21/20163U mCBYS63.2161.9863.7YN
Crystal Water S. 6/11/20163U mSA S86.3379.8863.7YY
Curribot H. 2/28/20163U mSUN 68.7573.0063.7YY
Cyclones H. 6/18/20163U mPRMS59.1660.7063.7NN
Damascus S. 11/4/20163U mSA 77.7779.0963.7YY
Dan Horn H. 6/18/20163U mMTHS65.9966.9663.7YY
Dan Johnson Sprint S. 8/13/20163U mPRMS59.6964.7863.7YY
Danger's Hour S. 4/10/20163U mAQU 79.8676.5463.7YY
Dark Star S. 6/11/20163U mCBY 70.0075.6663.7YY
Dave's Friend S. 12/31/20163U mLRL 81.7181.7463.7YY
David M. Vance Sprint S. 9/25/20163U mRP 76.7877.9963.7YY
Dixie Poker Ace S. 2/27/20163U mFG S67.5970.9863.7YY
Don Bernhardt S. 7/16/20163U mELP 74.6576.7063.7YY
Donald Valpredo California Cup Sprint S. 1/30/20163U mSA S82.3278.9863.7YY
Downs At Albuquerque H. 8/6/20163U mALB 77.7375.8063.7YY
Duncan F. Kenner S. 2/20/20163U mFG 83.7279.2363.7YY
E.B. Johnston S. 9/10/20163U mLRCS81.4180.0663.7YY
Ed Skinner Memorial S. 5/28/20163U mPRM 69.0975.3563.7YY
Edward Babst/Albert Palacios Memorial H. 5/1/20163U mBTPS65.2561.9763.7NN
Edward P. Evans S. 6/25/20163U mPIMS66.2466.2463.7NN
Elusive Quality S. 4/30/20163U mBEL 79.5080.0963.7YY
Empire Classic H. 10/22/20163U mBELS79.0180.4863.7YY
Evan Shipman S. 9/2/20163U mSARS79.4178.9463.7YY
Evangeline Mile S. 6/4/20163U mEVD 74.7775.5663.7YY
Fasig-Tipton Lure S. 8/6/20163U mSARR82.5881.1063.7YY
Find S. 6/25/20163U mPIMS70.8973.5763.7NY
Fire Plug S. 1/16/20163U mLRL 76.5576.7863.7YY
Flat Out S. 5/15/20163U mBEL 80.6680.6663.7YY
Florida Classic (previously Millions Classic Preview S.) 11/12/20163U mGPWS83.1778.6963.7YY
Florida Turf Classic (previously Millions Turf Preview S.) 11/12/20163U mGPWS68.3973.1763.7YY
Forego S. 1/16/20163U mTP 68.9674.1763.7YY
Frank Gall Memorial S. 9/17/20163U mCT S67.2171.6563.7YY
Fred Jones H. 7/16/20163U mNP 71.1369.3763.7YY
Fremont S. 1/16/20163U mDEDR70.0972.9063.7NY
Frontier Utilities Turf Sprint (previously Champion Energy Services S. 1/30/20163U mHOU 73.4775.9863.7YY
Genesee Valley Breeders' S. 9/19/20163U mFL S71.8475.0263.7YY
George Lewis Memorial S. 6/18/20163U mTDNS51.6052.0063.7NN
George Royal S. 5/7/20163U mHST 67.2869.7363.7YY
George W. Barker S. 6/6/20163U mFL S74.0175.4863.7YY
Gin Rummy Champ S. 11/26/20163U mGPW 70.5173.5363.7YY
Gleaming S. 5/28/20163U mGP 72.5672.5663.7YY
Gold Cup S. 10/29/20163U mDEDS73.1873.4063.7YY
Governor Terry E. Branstad S. (previously Ralph Hayes S.) 8/13/20163U mPRMS65.1162.4963.7NN
Governor's Buckeye Cup S. 9/3/20163U mTDNS65.5662.5363.7NN
Governor's S. 5/22/20163U mEMD 76.8375.0763.7YY
Green Flash H. 8/12/20163U mDMR 83.6982.0363.7YY
Groomstick S. 8/27/20163U mGP 77.7281.1463.7YY
Gus Grissom S. 10/5/20163U mINDS63.6265.1463.7NN
H. Allen Jerkens S. 12/31/20163U mGP 73.5777.5863.7YY
Hall of Fame S. 9/17/20163U mPRX 83.1076.6963.7YY
Harris Farms S. 10/8/20163U mFNOS67.0767.7463.7YY
Harry F. Brubaker S. 8/24/20163U mDMR 82.6679.6463.7YY
Harvest Gold Plate H. 10/22/20163U mNP 69.3966.3063.7YY
Haynesfield S. 2/21/20163U mAQUS82.0582.0563.7YY
Heitai Overnight S. 11/19/20163U mFG S74.4674.4663.7NN
Henry S. Clark S. 4/23/20163U mLRL 77.0574.6763.7YY
Hilton Garden Inn/Hampton Inn and Suites Sprint S. 4/9/20163U mTAMS75.8372.6463.7YY
Hockessin S. 7/16/20163U mDEL 71.6476.0063.7YY
Hollie Hughes S. 2/15/20163U mAQUS76.1178.8063.7YY
Honey Jay S. 8/13/20163U mTDNS75.4072.6463.7YY
Honor the Hero S. 5/30/20163U mCBY 71.1771.5063.7YY
Houston Turf S. 2/13/20163U mHOUS68.6168.5063.7YY
Howard M. Bender Memorial S. 12/10/20163U mLRLS72.8372.8363.7YY
Hudson H. 10/22/20163U mBELS74.8681.8663.7YY
It's Only Money S. 9/17/20163U mCT S63.3060.4163.7NN
Jazil S. 1/16/20163U mAQU 84.6185.2563.7YY
Jennings S. 12/31/20163U mLRLS72.1974.9663.7YY
Jess Jackson Owners' H. 8/13/20163U mSR 73.1871.4663.7YY
Jim Rasmussen Memorial S. 5/30/20163U mPRM 78.4975.5963.7YY
John B. Campbell S. 2/13/20163U mLRL 87.7882.9363.7YY
John Henry S. 4/23/20163U mEVD 70.1868.2863.7YY
John J. Reilly H. 5/28/20163U mMTHS71.4074.8963.7YY
John Longden 6000 H. 6/4/20163U mHST 67.2571.2063.7YY
John Morrissey S. 7/28/20163U mSARS80.1280.5863.7YY
John Wayne S. 5/21/20163U mPRMS65.9165.7063.7YY
Johnie L. Jamison H. 12/18/20163U mSUNS62.1462.1163.7NN
John's Call S. 8/24/20163U mSARR82.6380.3263.7YY
Joseph T. Grace H. 8/7/20163U mSR 75.5475.4363.7YY
Journal H. 5/28/20163U mNP 72.6568.3363.7YY
Kelly's Landing S. 7/2/20163U mCD 76.3579.6563.7YY
Kingston S. 5/30/20163U mBELS81.9581.4363.7YY
KLAQ H. 12/17/20163U mSUN 64.2967.8263.7YY
LA Bred Premier Night Championship S. 2/6/20163U mDEDS72.7973.5963.7YY
LA Bred Premier Night Sprint S. 2/6/20163U mDEDS72.2275.9763.7YY
Labeeb S. 11/6/20163U mWO 73.8775.6763.7YY
Land of Enchantment H. 7/31/20163U mRUIS56.4862.0863.7NN
Last Dance S. 8/7/20163U mSUFS44.8744.4063.7NN
Leemat S. 7/10/20163U mPIDS73.7670.2263.7YY
Lennyfromalibu S. 5/28/20163U mSA S78.2078.2063.7YY
Leon Reed Memorial S. 10/12/20163U mFL S74.0376.2463.7YY
Lieutenant Governors' H. 7/1/20163U mHST 71.6368.6063.7YY
Lost in the Fog S. 2/15/20163U mGG 77.2475.6063.7YY
Louisiana Champions Day Classic S. 12/10/20163U mFG S75.1178.3963.7YY
Louisiana Champions Day Sprint S. 12/10/20163U mFG S69.7374.6863.7YY
Louisiana Champions Day Turf S. 12/10/20163U mFG S70.3371.7663.7YY
Louisiana Cup Sprint S. 8/6/20163U mLADS67.9972.5563.7YY
Louisiana Cup Turf Classic S. 8/6/20163U mLADS71.8671.6663.7YY
Louisiana Legends Classic S. 7/2/20163U mEVDS75.9772.6163.7YY
Louisiana Legends Sprint S. 7/2/20163U mEVDS67.6071.3763.7YY
Louisiana Legends Turf S. 7/2/20163U mEVDS77.1773.0463.7YY
Lure S. 10/30/20163U mSA R76.5574.8763.7YY
Lyman S. 6/4/20163U mPRXS75.9279.7063.7YY
MA Stallion S. 9/4/20163U mSUFS47.5147.5163.7NN
Magic City Classic S. 12/9/20163U mFG S35.1934.9363.7NN
Marshall Jenney H. 9/3/20163U mPRXS76.5272.9663.7YY
Maryland Million Classic S. 10/22/20163U mLRLR66.9271.3063.7YY
Maryland Million Sprint H. 10/22/20163U mLRLR74.4773.2963.7YY
Maryland Million Turf S. 10/22/20163U mLRLR72.0474.7763.7YY
McCann's Mojave H. 6/26/20163U mSA S78.0778.0763.7YY
Michael F. Rowland Memorial H. 5/14/20163U mTDNS53.6147.5863.7NN
Miesque's Approval S. 7/2/20163U mGP 74.5577.6463.7YY
Mighty Beau Overnight S. 6/4/20163U mCD 76.9576.9563.7NN
Mister Diz S. 8/20/20163U mLRLR70.1170.6663.7YY
Mohawk S. 10/22/20163U mBELS49.42*82.0363.7YY
Mr. Steele S. 10/1/20163U mGP 77.8777.8963.7YY
Mr. Sulu Overnight S. 11/19/20163U mFG S68.7168.7163.7NN
Mt. Cristo Rey Overnight S. 3/1/20163U mSUNS58.9559.5863.7NN
Mt. Rainier S. 7/17/20163U mEMD 78.2574.7663.7YY
My Frenchman S. 8/13/20163U mMTH 73.1673.7863.7YY
Mystic Lake Mile S. 6/19/20163U mCBY 76.5477.6263.7YY
Native Dancer S. 1/2/20163U mLRL 82.0984.1463.7YY
Need For Speed S. 6/4/20163U mEVD 67.64*74.0963.7YY
New Jersey Breeders H. 8/28/20163U mMTHS74.0871.0263.7YY
New Mexico Classic Cup Sprint Championship S. 10/30/20163U mZIAS64.0462.5063.7NN
New Mexico State University H. 3/19/20163U mSUNS57.2857.6863.7NN
New Providence S. 4/23/20163U mWO R74.5474.3763.7YY
New York Stallion Series S. 11/25/20163U mAQUR74.3778.0863.7YY
Nodouble Breeders' S. 2/28/20163U mOP S73.8169.0863.7YY
Northern Panhandle S. 8/6/20163U mMNRS62.9862.9863.7NN
O. D. McDonald H. (previously E. T. Springer H.) 6/25/20163U mALBS67.3057.3063.7NN
Oak Tree H. 6/25/20163U mOTP 72.9375.0863.7YY
Oak Tree Sprint S. 7/4/20163U mOTP 78.7374.0063.7YY
Oakland S. 11/19/20163U mGG 81.4376.8363.7YY
OKC Turf Classic S. 10/21/20163U mRP S69.1065.0063.7NY
Oklahoma Classics Cup S. 10/21/20163U mRP S67.6671.9563.7YY
Oklahoma Classics Sprint S. 10/21/20163U mRP S64.3971.1963.7YY
Old Friends S. 9/8/20163U mKD R77.3375.0463.7YY
OLG Elgin S. Presented by Bear Stables 8/31/20163U mWO A81.2770.6263.7YY
OLG Halton S. Presented by Tipperary Equestrian 8/31/20163U mWO A66.2770.8863.7YY
OLG Kenora S. Presented by HBPA of Ontario 8/31/20163U mWO A74.8474.3463.7YY
Ontario Jockey Club S. 9/11/20163U mWO 79.0176.8663.7YY
Opening Verse S. 5/21/20163U mCD 80.9277.2363.7YY
Overskate S. 10/29/20163U mWO R74.8474.8763.7YY
PA Derby Champion S. (previously Bayern S.) 9/24/20163U mPRX 77.9378.4863.7YY
Parrot Key S. 6/4/20163U mGP 80.9078.7563.7NY
Pelican S. 2/20/20163U mTAM 75.1977.8163.7YY
Phoenix Gold Cup H. 2/13/20163U mTUP 76.8276.3763.7YY
Pirate's Bounty S. 9/5/20163U mDMRR82.3878.6363.7YY
Prairie Bayou S. 12/17/20163U mTP 79.4872.8963.7YY
Premier Cup H. 9/11/20163U mZIA 73.6169.2363.7YY
Premiere S. 4/7/20163U mLS S72.4468.9863.7YY
Punch Line S. 9/24/20163U mLRLS62.3667.4463.7YY
Queens County S. 12/17/20163U mAQU 77.6782.2463.7YY
Raymond Earl S. 6/4/20163U mGP 74.1970.8763.7YY
Red Diamond Express H. Sponsored by Red Diamond Stables 9/17/20163U mNP S60.4660.4463.7NN
Red Earth S. 9/25/20163U mRP S66.1965.6763.7YY
Remington Park Turf Sprint S. 9/9/20163U mRP S70.2367.2363.7YY
Richard King S. 1/23/20163U mHOUS69.3566.4663.7YY
Richard W. Small S. (previously Broad Brush S.) 11/19/20163U mLRL 75.8079.3563.7YY
Rise Jim S. 7/10/20163U mSUFS53.1350.9363.7NN
Roanoke S. 9/3/20163U mPRXS75.5479.9863.7YY
Robellino S. 8/6/20163U mPENS73.3271.8263.7YY
Rocky Gulch New Mexico Classic Cup Championship S. 10/30/20163U mZIAS62.7762.4463.7NN
Rolling Green S. 9/5/20163U mGG 77.7977.4063.7YY
Ruff/Kirchberg Memorial H. 12/3/20163U mMVRS54.3657.8363.7NN
Ruidoso Downs Thoroughbred Championship H. 9/5/20163U mRUIS57.3663.6863.7YN
S. W. Randall Plate H. 9/10/20163U mHST 69.7069.6563.7YY
Saginaw S. 7/8/20163U mBELS83.4180.8463.7YY
Sam Houston Sprint Cup S. 2/13/20163U mHOU 71.6376.8463.7YY
Sam's Town S. 11/19/20163U mDEDR78.5078.5063.7YY
Sea of Grass S. 6/26/20163U mGP S75.8375.8363.7YY
Seattle Slew S. 9/10/20163U mBEL 82.2182.2163.7YY
Secretariat S. 5/7/20163U mGRM 67.0067.0063.7NN
Sensational Star S. 2/27/20163U mSA S85.4781.0363.7YY
Shepperton S. 8/6/20163U mWO S74.7273.0763.7YY
Sierra Blanca H. 7/31/20163U mRUIS62.0463.1463.7NN
Silver Goblin S. 11/18/20163U mRP S66.7870.4663.7YY
Sir Barton S. 11/26/20163U mWO R77.2870.4963.7YY
Siren Lure S. 6/5/20163U mSA 75.4677.2563.7YY
Spangled Jimmy H. 6/18/20163U mNP 72.4667.5763.7YY
Spirit of Texas S. 1/23/20163U mHOUS70.7370.7663.7YY
Star Guitar S. (previously Costa Rising S.) 3/26/20163U mFG S66.9971.3963.7YY
Star of Texas S. 1/23/20163U mHOUS67.7164.2663.7YY
State Dinner S. 7/4/20163U mBELR83.8083.8063.7YY
Steady Growth S. 5/23/20163U mWO R72.6775.1463.7YY
Stymie S. (previously Albert the Great S.) 3/13/20163U mAQU 87.4284.0463.7YY
Sun Sprint Championship H. 8/1/20163U mNP 71.4267.2163.7NY
Sunland Park H. 5/1/20163U mSUN 73.6676.0063.7YY
Sunshine Millions Classic S. 1/16/20163U mGP S81.0078.3263.7YY
Sunshine Millions Sprint S. 1/16/20163U mGP S80.2385.4863.7YY
Sunshine Millions Turf S. 1/16/20163U mGP S83.2678.6463.7YY
Sunshine Millions Turf Sprint S. 1/16/20163U mGP S78.0278.0263.7YY
Swift Thoroughbreds Inaugural S. 4/17/20163U mHST 68.6668.6663.7YY
Sydney Gendelman Memorial H. 6/11/20163U mBTPS55.4159.8163.7YN
Tale of the Cat S. 8/12/20163U mSAR 84.8881.4163.7YY
Tampa Turf Classic S. 4/9/20163U mTAMS79.2675.2063.7YY
Temperence Hill Invitational S. 10/2/20163U mBEL 80.0475.8463.7YY
Tenacious S. 12/17/20163U mFG 82.4379.6363.7YY
Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame S. 10/29/20163U mRETS64.6164.9363.7YY
Thanksgiving H. 11/24/20163U mFG 85.7783.2863.7YY
The Vid S. 9/3/20163U mGP 71.5872.6663.7YY
Thomas F. Moran S. 9/4/20163U mSUFS42.4642.4663.7NN
Thor's Echo H. 7/4/20163U mSA S74.8574.8563.7YY
Three and Four Year Old Sales S. 7/1/20163U mNP A52.8948.4163.7NN
Tiznow S. 5/28/20163U mSA S79.2977.9063.7YY
To Much Coffee S. 10/29/20163U mINDS66.1668.7463.7YY
TRAO Classic Sprint S. 4/26/20163U mWRDS65.8366.8863.7YY
Trinniberg S. 7/30/20163U mGP 76.6881.6663.7YY
Turning for Home S. 6/25/20163U mPRX 76.4278.3563.7NY
Veterans S. 10/31/20163U mZIA 67.6869.1963.7YY
WA Cup Muckleshoot Tribal Classic S. 8/28/20163U mEMDS71.0471.2663.7YY
Wally's Choice Minnesota Classic Championship S. 8/21/20163U mCBYS67.3765.7463.7NY
West Point S. 8/26/20163U mSARS82.4380.5363.7YY
West Virginia Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/20163U mCT S72.7471.0163.7YY
West Virginia Dash for Cash Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/20163U mCT S57.2158.7163.7NN
West Virginia Legislature Chairman's Cup S. 8/6/20163U mMNR 67.4877.1263.7YY
West Virginia Thoroughbred Breeders Association Onion Juice Breeders' Classic S. 10/8/20163U mCT S63.9662.6463.7NN
Westerner H. 8/20/20163U mNP 67.3270.9563.7YY
White Oak Farm S. 6/25/20163U mPIMS68.3668.3663.7NN
Wickerr S. 7/16/20163U mDMRR78.4079.7163.7YY
William Henry Harrison S. 8/24/20163U mINDS67.7965.2763.7NY
Winsham Lad S. 4/6/20163U mSUN 67.0171.4563.7YY
Winter Challenge S. 12/17/20163U mLRC 77.5477.5463.7YY
Wolf Hill S. 7/10/20163U mMTH 64.01*79.5463.7YY
Zia Park Sprint (previously Lea County Sprint) 11/23/20163U mZIA 65.6570.6263.7YY

* Most Rec Annual RQS not used in BT RQS